3 Common Plumbing Mistakes

3 Common Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing is a combination of common sense and being willing to get a little dirty and do the work, but while just about anyone can try some do-it-yourself plumbing, there’s a reason that you should call professionals when appropriate. Fixing something on your faucet like a blocked aerator to restore water pressure to an individual tap is something that anyone can—and should—attempt by themselves.

But there are other plumbing activities where amateur mistakes can lead to some serious damage down the line. If you don’t want your cheap fix to create a problem that’s bigger and more expensive than the issue you were trying to solve, here are three of the most common plumbing mistakes you should try to avoid.


Using Too Much Drain Cleaner


They’re available at just about every home goods or grocery store you’ve ever been to, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a good idea, or even safe to use for your home! The drain cleaner is a quick fix that must be applied sparingly and with great restraint, especially with modern plumbing.

A slow drain occurs in sinks when there’s some partial blockage. In bathroom sinks, this might be hair, while in kitchen sinks, it might be food. Drain cleaners can get rid of this blockage, but they do so because they are essentially acid that dissolves the organic matter. However, acid isn’t selective, so it’s not just dissolving the blockage, it’s also working on the drain pipe. Don’t pour drain cleaner down your pipes whenever you feel like it!


Forgetting To Turn Off The Water


Many people who wash dishes by hand will leave the water on while they do so. While this isn’t a great idea in terms of saving money, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re referring to the classic mistake of need to do some plumbing work, and then forgetting to go to the main valve and turn off the flow of water into the entire home.

Without doing this, it means that even a comparatively simple task like switching out some water pipes or trying to fix a leak can result in a spray of water that can’t be shut off quickly. You’ll need to go down to where the main water valve is any way to stop the flood, and by that point, you may have sustained water damage to the area that now needs to be paid for.


Using The Wrong Tools


The most basic mistake of all is trying to save money on a plumbing job by not buying the right tools if you don’t already have them. Using the right tool can often mean the difference between performing a fix in a few minutes, and damaging your pipes to the point that you need to call in the professionals for an even more expensive repair job.

If you’re not sure what to do with a plumbing problem, leave it to the professionals and contact 411 Plumber. We’re always ready to come down, evaluate what your problem is, and get to work on a quality repair job that ensures you can use your plumbing reliably for years to come.