4 Reasons You Have Low Water Pressure

4 Reasons You Have Low Water Pressure

Some of us enjoy having high water pressure for an invigorating shower, and most of the time, once the pressure is set, there’s not much else to think about. Sometimes, however, the pressure that we prefer to have our water flow set to starts to drop. But why is this happening? Here are the four most common reasons you’re experiencing a drop in your water pressure.


The Aerator Is Clogged


This is the top reason for low water pressure if you’re looking around your home and seeing that the drop in pressure is confined to just one faucet or other fixture. The aerator is a small grid set right into a tap that is designed to help regulate water flow, as well as screen out larger particles that might have traveled through your water pipe.

However, over time, that grid that makes up the aerator can become clogged with detritus, especially if your main water supply contains many particulates. Fortunately, this is a quick, easy, 100% free fix you can do yourself to save time and money. Just unscrew the aerator and look at it closely. If it’s filled with particulates, clear it out and put it back in. Your water pressure should be restored!


Your Pipes Are Corroding


If you live in an older home that’s had its water pipes untouched for decades, chances are you’re still using older steel pipes. While these pipes can maintain their structural integrity outside, on the inside, decades of exposure to water and chemicals can corrode the interior. That corrosion can result in a build-up in the pipe, and if it gets sufficiently large enough, it can block the pipe, dramatically reducing water pressure at this point.

You’ll need a plumber to evaluate this issue and locate the exact point of corrosion for this issue. Then you’ll need to decide if you want to clear out the pipe or think about investing in newer pipes to avoid this issue in the future.


Your Pressure Regulator Is Defective


Sometimes the issue is right at the source. Your home has a pressure regulator and it’s designed to keep the water pressure in your home at a minimum of 52 lbs per square inch. If you’re experiencing low water pressure across the board, you may need to get this checked with a water pressure gauge and a hose spigot. If the regulator is a problem, get professional help.


The Water Meter Valve


Did you know there’s a valve on your water meter that can control your water flow? Under ordinary circumstances, this valve should remain untouched, but if work was being done outside, or even the kids were playing games and discovered the valve, this might be the culprit. If the water meter valve handle is not parallel with your water pipe, someone’s been using it.

While there are some water issues that you can fix yourself, others require a professional touch. If you need experts to come in and help, contact 411 Plumber. We’re ready to come over, look at the problem and provide a quality, lasting fix.