Things To Discuss With A Plumbing Company Over The Phone

Things To Discuss With A Plumbing Company Over The Phone

Okay, so, something has broken, and the time has finally come for you to contact a plumbing company. The task can be a bit intimidating and stressful if it is a person's first go-round. After all, they likely won't know what to say or the kind of information that they need to provide. Stay calm and don't get too worked up as this post is going to cover some basics of calling for plumbing service.

First And Foremost, Give Your Name And Address

Providing these pieces of data may seem like a no-brainer, but it is not uncommon for folks to jump right into giving details about the problem. However, the dispatcher needs to know the caller's name and address. This knowledge will allow them to see whether the home is within the organization's service area. Plus, they may have a plumber nearby that can swing by after they finish the job they are on and fix you up. Also, if you forget to give these articles and hang up, you will likely be waiting and waiting for someone to arrive without them ever showing up.

Discuss The Severity Of The Issue

The plumbing company needs to know if the situation is an emergency. For instance, if a pipe bursts or a water closet is continuously overflowing, they will try to get an agent out there right away. If the dispatcher is unable to find anyone available at the moment, he or she may be able to offer you advice to stop the problem for the time being until help arrives on the scene.

It is imperative not to cry wolf, so to speak. When a homeowner makes false claims, and the plumber comes running only to find a faucet dripping, he or she will tell the office manager about the incident. Then, they might red flag the residence, which means they will schedule service calls but won't pull their representatives from other jobs as the emergency could be something minor.

Don't Forget To Mention Your Availability

Persons who are not having an emergency and only need a pipe inspection or a small repair will want to have their calendar handy when calling the plumbing company. Obviously, the homeowner doesn't want to have to cancel an important meeting or reschedule something else at the last moment because of a scheduling conflict. Individuals should pick a time and date that works for them. It is a good idea to ask the dispatcher to provide you with a time frame of let's say between 8 am and 12 pm or 12 pm to 5 pm.

Then, you can plan your day accordingly to run errands before or after the service call. Additionally, ask them for a courtesy call when the technician is on his or her way. This aspect will help you ensure that you don't miss the plumber. Hopefully, this info has prepared persons to contact a plumbing company and provide them with the data that they need to help them.

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